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MELISSA HAS DESIGNED THREE ROOMS IN MY HOME and refreshed ones she didn't overhaul. From finding the right picture frame to creating a beautiful guest room out of a former teenage dungeon, and designing a master bath, she has done many things great and small that have made the house truly mine… One of the things I love most about working with Melissa is that it isn't about what she wants, but about what I love, how I live, and what matters most to me. Then she used her spot- on sense of design and space, her artistry and her deep bench of excellent contractors to put together a place I never want to leave. Did I mention she's a blast to work with?

– C. Alt


WE KNEW WE WANTED A UNIQUE NURSERY for the new little one joining our family. We knew we didn't want anything we'd seen on Pinterest a hundred times over… We immediately knew Melissa was the right person to work on our project. Energetic, friendly and open to our ideas, she took a piece of the art we "thought" we wanted in the nursery and designed a gorgeous sanctuary for our baby and us! She is a consummate professional, provided us multiple (gorgeous) design options, recommended and used the highest quality materials and vendors. We loved her design so much we decided to do the baby's bathroom too!

– Lisa W.


MELISSA GOT ME AND MY TASTE. I was looking for someone with a goodly amount of experience and she’s got that in spades. Was looking for wallpaper for a guest room and a new paint color for the living areas. Maybe a bath reno. Her ideas were so good, so cohesive that I feel like I’ve got a whole new condo. The bath is magazine worthy and the foyer (did that too!) is fabulous.

– Diane A.


MELISSA BROFFMAN INTERIOR DESIGN OVERSAW ALL DESIGN and interior decorating aspects of our full house renovation. She was professional and quickly grasped our likes, dislikes and budget. She made the process fun and easy. We are still getting compliments on her work. We highly recommend working with her.

– Charles S.


MELISSA HAS WORKED WITH US TO UPDATE AND ENLIVEN our colonial home in Arlington as we transition into a new stage of the empty nest. Her work quality -- especially her eye for color, texture and design -- is phenomenal. I have especially appreciated her intuition -- and brilliance! -- on how to translate effectively my passion for California and Arts and Crafts design into a colonial home. Her ability to meld these elements, along with a family heirloom painting, is truly the work of an artist. Plus, she has a wonderful good humor -- and has helped us to articulate the symbolic value of this stage of our lives into material terms. We are excited to begin this new transition in our beautiful home!!

– Lisa R.


MELISSA CONSISTENTLY PROVIDES EXCELLENT ADVICE ON DESIGN OF LIVING SPACES  . . .  Our latest project was renovating and adding an addition to a newly purchased home. Her skill and excellent taste helped us sell our previous home before it was actually listed. Working with Melissa is the best way we know to save time, make informed choices, and create a home that we will love to live in. 

– Georganne J.


MELISSA IS FABULOUS AND SO EASY TO WORK WITH. She's friendly, talented and has a great eye for perfect and comfortable design. She listens to your needs and interests and suggests wonderful ideas for renovations and changes in furniture, lighting, artwork and rug selection and placement. My experience was excellent and such fun. She has a great eye for detail and exquisite taste. 

– Janis M.


WE HAVE WORKED WITH MELISSA FOR OVER A DECADE on multiple projects affecting two houses. She is very talented and a true pleasure to work with.

– Chuck K.


MELISSA HAS PROVIDED EXTENSIVE DESIGN SERVICES for us for three homes. Over the last 18 years, she has overseen a variety of projects from major redos and simple room refreshes. She is talented, professional, and willing to go the extra mile for people. She has a great eye for style and has managed to bridge my husband's traditional tastes with my more contemporary leanings. People in the trade tend to comment appreciatively when I tell them Melissa is my designer. "Melissa's the best!" they would say. I would agree.

– Aerin B.


MELISSA IS FANTASTIC TO WORK WITH! She has a real eye for beautiful and comfortable design. Most importantly, she is great at listening to your ideas and desires for your space (and suggesting great ideas), so that the outcome of the project will make you happy. I am thrilled with everything that Melissa created for me and highly recommend her services. She is upbeat, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and moreover, FUN to work with!

– Lisa S.


I HAVE WORKED WITH MELISSA FOR 18 YEARS ON THREE HOUSES. She has impeccable taste, she is extremely talented and I love working with her. She helped me do the design of a new home and I couldn't have done it without her.

– Marilyn V.


MELISSA'S DESIGNS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND ALSO FUNCTIONAL. Choosing furniture and fabrics for a home that can stand up to the wear and tear of two teenage boys and their friends, plus a dog that loves to bring the outdoors inside, is no easy feat. Melissa has passed the test and will now be designing my master bedroom.

– Cindy K.


I WORKED WITH MELISSA TO CHOOSE FINISHES FOR THE HOUSE I WAS BUILDING. She helped me select everything for five bathrooms and the kitchen. Picking tiles, granite, and light fixtures was overwhelming me, but Melissa brought order and direction and vision to the process. She had fabulous ideas and completely understood the look I was trying to create. After the house was built, Melissa helped me to decorate the family room, kitchen and office. She recommended built-ins for a hard to furnish wall in the family room. She helped me choose amazing fabrics for window treatments and upholstery that helped me to create a "global" look. Inevitably, when people come into my house and point out something they like it is something that Melissa choose. I recommend her highly.

– Kathleen S.


MELISSA AND HER TEAM MET US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY with original ideas and innovate ways to make what we already had work in our new space as well as functionally rich new ideas. She's a great professional, reliable and direct that I know you'll enjoy working with. 

– Chas C.

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